My name is Olivia Gerstenbacher. I am a Schalick High School graduate and a current freshman at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
I was a Runningworks camper in group ‘A’  during the summers of ’15 and ’16. My most memorable running experiences have blossomed from my time spent at camp, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to return and be a part of the fun and wholesome environment for all kinds of runners. I was exposed to critical coaching from collegiate student-athletes and camp visitors like Mary Cain and Nicole Tully that contributed to my progress throughout high school. Clinics on mindful eating, useful stretches, and body weight activity gave me insight onto strategies that would strengthen my body in ways that running could not do alone. Additionally, my most valued friendships have risen from my time at camp. I have been exposed to new workouts which I will take into the future. I made great friends with competitors from rival teams and have continued to strengthen relationships with campers I met over two years ago. These experiences have strengthened my love for running and solidified my passion for the sport outside of competition. I am grateful to have learned that running provides more for me than a PR but a healthy lifestyle and a community of runners who share my passion.