This plan will continue to be a “work in progress” right up to the Opening Day of camp.  We will use the most up to date information available to make decisions. All decisions will be made utilizing the guidance provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Camp Association and by camp medical professionals. 

COVID PROTOCOL: We are not requiring testing for camp this year. However, out of an abundance of caution we highly recommend taking an at home test prior to leaving for camp on check in day. If you test positive, despite the financial cost to RunningWorks, we will issue a full refund. Proof of a positive test camp can be submitted to up to the start of camp on August 15th at 1PM. Please send a picture with the following: the positive test, a school ID, and something with the date (a phone with the date displayed on the lockscreen, a newspaper, etc.). Please also bring masks in case it becomes necessary to move to masking during the week. We will be following a policy similar to New Jersey schools if an athlete tests positive at camp.

(1) We will ask the parents to pick up the positive athlete.

(2) We will contact trace.

(A) Vaccinated asymptomatic athletes who test negative on a rapid test administered by the camp nurse will be permitted to remain at camp.

(B) We will ask unvaccinated campers to be picked up by their parents.

While we are confident that these steps will not be necessary, we also wanted to be transparent in the event an athlete tests positive.


  • Nurse and Certified Athletic Trainer in residence and on staff
  • Athletic Training Room and Sick Bay on campus
  • Urgent Care Clinic 15 minute drive
  • Pocono Hospital 20 minute drive
  • Emergency Action plan in place and shared with campers in first day orientation
  • Adherence to Guidelines and Mandates from CDC, state and Federal Government authorities
  • Sick campers will be treated by the athletic trainer/ER/physician depending on severity and isolated if communicable, parents are contacted immediately 
  • Any sick campers will need to be picked up by a parent or guardian as soon as possible
  • Injured campers are treated by the athletic trainer/ER/physician depending on severity. Parents are contacted immediately.
  • All Campers must have healthy physicals upon admittance, indicating “well child”
  • All Campers must have parental waivers certifying camper’s good health
  • All Campers are encouraged to be fully vaccinated
  • Medications must be administered by the nurse or trainer unless they have signed the RunningWorks Self-Administration of Medication Authorization/Approval form signed by a parent and their physician
  • All Campers & Parents must sign the Camper Agreement on Camp Rules & Regulations
  • All Staff are certified to be in good health upon arrival
  • Staff are background checked prior to arrival
  • Staff undergo health and safety orientation prior to camp
  • Daily Group and Cabin health checks