RunningWorks Camps & Clinics

  • Certified Athletic Trainer in residence and on staff
  • Athletic Training Room and Sick Bay on campus
  • Urgent Care Clinic 15 minute drive
  • Pocono Hospital 20 minute drive
  • Emergency Action plan in place and shared with campers in first day orientation
  • Adherence to Guidelines and Mandates from CDC, state and Federal Government authorities
  • Sick campers will be treated by the athletic trainer/ER/physician depending on severity and isolated if communicable, parents are contacted immediately
  • Injured campers are treated by the athletic trainer/ER/physician depending on severity. Parents are contacted immediately.
  • All Campers must have healthy physicals upon admittance, indicating “well child”
  • All Campers must have parental waivers certifying camper’s good health
  • Medications must be administered by the nurse or trainer unless they have signed the RunningWorks Self-Administration of Medication Authorization/Approval form signed by a parent and their physician
  • All Campers & Parents must sign the Camper Agreement on Camp Rules & Regulations
  • All staff are certified to be in good health upon arrival
  • Staff are background checked prior to arrival
  • Staff undergo health and safety orientation prior to camp
  • Daily Group and Cabin health checks