CONTACT WHILE AT CAMP: RunningWorks at (609) 200-5860‬ (call or text) . NOTE: cell phone and internet connection is still extremely spotty and unreliable at Camp Canadensis!  You may need to contact Camp Canadensis and leave a message for RunningWorks: 570-595-7461.  Camp Canadensis Fax#: 570-595-9290.

Camp Address for letters during camp is:

Attn: RunningWorks Camp, c/o Camp Canadensis, 199 Camp Canadensis Road, Canadensis PA 18325

SICK CAMPERS:  If a camper presents with an illness at check-in, they will be sent home immediately.  If a camper becomes sick while at camp, they will be sent home.  Please see our Camp Health & Safety Page. Please make certain that you or someone you know is available in case of emergency and pick up during camp week!

MEDICATION:  Please label camper medications in a clear, labeled Ziploc bag. All prescription medications will be kept by our Camp Nurse or Athletic Trainer and dispensed as prescribed.  Parents must complete/sign an additional form: Authorization Form for Administration of Medication which requires a physician’s signature.  

DRUG and ALCOHOL POLICY:  please refer to Camper Agreement.  Use or possession of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated and campers will be sent home.

PERSONAL POSSESSIONS:  We strongly discourage electronic equipment.  Cell phones are permitted, but reception is not reliable. RunningWorks operates under the Honor Code and will not assume responsibility for their safekeeping. Smoke bombs, fireworks, lighters, vapes, matches, punks, candles, incense and the like are NOT permitted at camp.

SNACK BAR: There is a snack bar and t-shirts for sale, so campers may want to bring some spending money.  Again, RunningWorks operates under the Honor Code.  Campers caught stealing or damaging property will be sent home.

HOUSING/ROOMATES: campers stay in cabins each equipped with two bathrooms, two sinks and two showers. You must bring your own bedding – only a mattress is provided. We will do our best to house you with your roommate request.  As cabins are of varying sizes, we may not be able to place big teams together, but will do our best to make certain big teams are in cabins right next to each other! CAMPERS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SWITCH CABINS.  Cabins are well ventilated and campers will be sleeping “head-to-toe” in their bunks. Temperature & wellness checks will be conducted each night and morning.

BULLYING: RunningWorks fosters a team building, positive attitude and bullying is not tolerated.  “A camper is being bullied or victimized when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other campers”.

GAMBLING: Cards are permitted, but gambling is not and neither is any other wagering.

MEALS & ALLERGIES:  Three balanced meals will be served for each full day (just dinner the first day and breakfast the last day), outside on a deck or under a tent in inclement weather.  A salad bar is served with every lunch and dinner meal.  The Canadensis Cooking Staff are familiar with food allergies and dietary restrictions.  The camp is PEANUT FREE and campers are encouraged not to bring snacks with peanuts in them.  Campers may bring their own snacks, but should keep them in airtight containers, marked with their names, in their bunks. If there are more stringent dietary restrictions, please let us know ahead of time!

WATERFRONT/POOL:  There are lifeguards on duty during our swimming/recreation times.  Campers are not permitted to swim in the Lake, but are allowed to go boating with a life vest once checked in with the guards.

RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES: there will be time for recreation every day, like swimming, boating, volleyball, Ga Ga, kickball and fishing (the lake is stocked, but please bring your own fishing pole/equipment).


RUNNING: Campers are placed in running groups based on their ability and current fitness presented from the information off their registration forms (summer weekly mileage, personal bests) and Mile Split. IF there are updates in performance, please let us know by email so we can place them in the best group for their training!

DAILY SCHEDULE: CLICK HERE to see what RunningWorks typical day looks like!