High School Camp Registration


1. PLEASE CLICK HERE to REGISTER FOR HIGH SCHOOL CAMP: 1pm Monday August 16th through 10am Saturday August 21st, 2021

NOTE: You will be in a training group according to your experience and current fitness. Please make sure to include your summer mileage and personal best times information in the Registration Form (if you leave this blank, you will be placed in the last group). Campers may email us with any updates of mileage or personal bests throughout the year.


Full Tuition is $645

* An additional $20 Covid-19 Rapid Test Fee may be required for testing on campus – please check back, soon!

CANCELLATION POLICY: Full tuition may be refunded up to May 1st, afterwards, deposit portion kept due to fixed costs of facilities and staffing.

  • MAIL a $345 deposit or full payment of $645 to the address below.  Check payment must be mailed no later than AUGUST 1st. Checks or money orders, only (sorry, no credit cards!).  Include a copy of the Online Registration Receipt or Copy of your Registration Form:
  • RunningWorks, Inc., P.O. Box 8832, Collingswood, NJ 08108
  • NOTE:  Those whose checks were held from 2020 for 2021’s Registration (due to COVID-19), will have their spot GUARANTEED.  However, they still must register for 2021 (since there may be new information). 

3.  MAIL REQUIRED FORMS (A – E) BY August 1st to:

RunningWorks, Inc. P.O. Box 8832 Collingswood, NJ 08108

A. SIGNED PARENT RELEASE/AUTHORIZATION Click here for the Parent Release/Authorization.
B. CURRENT PHYSICAL. Stamped/signed School or Physician’s physical. Physicals MUST include record of allergies and immunization history. Click here for a Physical Form if you cannot obtain a copy of a school physical.
C. CAMPER MEDICATIONS: Parents must submit permission in writing, plus written orders from the physician, stating exactly how the medication should be taken. Click here for the Authorization for Administration of Medication Form
D. CAMPER AGREEMENT.  Campers and Parents must sign. Click here for the Camper Agreement

E. COVID SPECIFIC: Click here for 14 Day Pre-Camp Health Screen which must be completed and brought to the first day of camp.  Also, a COVID-19 PCR Test must be taken 3 to 5 days prior to camp and a negative result brought to camp.  Please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms or illness! Please check back for any updates or changes in protocol due to the pandemic!


  • Early Registration Discount: $605 if full payment POSTMARKED before MAY 1st 

  • Sibling Discount: $25 off each sibling 

  • Military Discount: $25 off – one per family (must include copy of identification card)

  •  Team Discount of $20 per person if 10 or more people from one high school attend without their coach. Team Discounts given in cash AFTER camp check-in. NOTE: we will try to bunk you with your requested cabin mates!

  • Free Tuition may be awarded to those in need.  Click here for more information: Lisa’s Fund