Day of Distance FLYER

NEW 3x Day Virtual Clinic

Thursdays, March 11th, March 18th and March 25th 2021. 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Eastern Time

Choice of 3 Speakers each “Day” including:

 KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Vin Lananna, (University of Virginia), Joan Hunter (Loudoun Valley HS/VA), Marcus O’Sullivan (Villanova University/PA), Scott Christensen (Stillwater HS/MN) 

BREAKOUT SPEAKERS: Greg Bielecki (LaSalle College HS/PA), Jessie Magoto (Minster HS/OH), Dave Frank (Central Catholic HS/OR), Gina Barusevicius (Sports Nutrition), Rachel Daltry, PsyD (Sports Psychology)


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Unlike most coaching clinics, we exclusively offer Cross Country and Distance Running Related Topics. 

Come, Learn, Share and ENJOY! 

NOTE:  “Held Registrants” whose checks were held from 2020 for 2021’s Registration (due to COVID-19), will have a GUARANTEED online registration for 2021.  However, Held Registrants must still REGISTER for 2021. If “2020 Held Registrants” do not wish to attend our 2021 Virtual DOD and need a full refund, please email us at: