Day of Distance FLYER

NEW 3x Day Virtual Clinic

Thursdays, March 11th, March 18th and March 25th 2021 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Eastern Time

Choice of 3 Speakers each “Day” including a bonus interview with VIN LANANNA (UVA)

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Ron Warhurst, (formerly University of Michigan), Joan Hunter (Loudoun Valley HS/VA), Marcus O’Sullivan (Villanova University), Scott Christensen (Stillwater HS/MN) 

BREAKOUT SPEAKERS: Greg Bielecki (LaSalle College HS/PA), Jessie Magoto (Minster HS/OH), Dave Frank (Central Catholic HS/OR), Gina Barusevicius (Sports Nutrition), Rachel Daltry, PsyD (Sports Psychology)


FREE T-Shirt! Still only $100 via PayPal Unlike most coaching clinics, we exclusively offer Cross Country and Distance Running Related Topics. Come, Learn, Share and ENJOY! Speakers will be recorded and recordings available on our website after March 25th to all registered coaches.

NOTE:  “Held Registrants” whose checks were held from 2020 for 2021’s Registration (due to COVID-19), will have a GUARANTEED online registration for 2021.  However, Held Registrants must still REGISTER for 2021. If “2020 Held Registrants” do not wish to attend our 2021 Virtual DOD and need a full refund, please email us at: