Day of Distance Coaching Clinic

JOIN US FOR OUR 20th Clinic: FRIDAY, MARCH 16th, 2018 at Villanova University

2018 Speakers to be announced, soon!

2017 Speaker Notes

Marcus O’Sullivan

Steve Magness

Dr. Greg Biren

Juli Benson

Tom Schwartz

Dr. Dennis Whitesel

Professional coach, STEVE MAGNESS, University of Houston coach and consultant to numerous Olympic Athletes; former coach of Jenny Barringer Simpson, JULI BENSON, who recently joined the University of Pennsylvania coaching staff; DR. GREG BIREN, acclaimed Nutritionist/Corrective Exercise Specialist; TOM SCHWARTZ, coach of high school star turned pro, Drew Hunter; physical therapist DR. DENNIS WHITESEL, expert in running biomechanics.  

Still only $100

  • FREE Continental Breakfast

  • FREE Catered Lunch

  • FREE Raffle

  • FREE Parking (Pass to be emailed)

  • FREE NIKE T-Shirt

2017 Speaker Bios




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